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Learn About Loyalty Program Loopholes, How To Earn Tens of Thousands of Miles Even If You Do Not Fly That Much and Master Winning Practical Strategies To Paying Much Less For Your Air Travel.

Did you know it is in fact possible to upgrade to first or business class on an economy budget?

Do you want to find out how to track down online the world's lowest airfares in any
class and make huge savings?

Is it time for you to discover the secrets the gate agents at the airport do not want you to know?

Do you want to find out how to track down online the world's lowest airfares in any class and make huge savings? Is it time for you to discover the secrets the gate agents at the airport do not want you to know?

On a late Spring afternoon last year two friends of mine, Mike and Jason bumped into each other when picking up their luggage at London Heathrow Airport. Mike and Jason were actually very much alike: both were in the same fraternity in college, both had two children and both lived in similar middle class neighborhoods with similar jobs. 

Both flew in with British Airways from Los Angeles on the very same flight.  After a big hug, Jason wondered how come they just arrived on the same flight but did not see each other on board? 

He was astounded by Mike's reply:  Mike had access to the airport executive lounge before departure and had a seat in the business class cabin while Jason had pizza at the terminal and was sitting "at the back of the bus..." But the fact that made Jason green with envy was the following: he had actually paid much more than Mike for his ticket!

The difference between Mike and Jason was that Mike (like myself) is a former airline employee. Mike and I know the airline secrets.



Dear Fellow Traveller,

If you are like me, you probably insist on getting the most value for your money, and you would probably also like to learn how Mike made it to the business cabin on an economy ticket.

In fact he does this on a regular basis. I think I can teach you how this can be achieved: I am a former airline employee and like you, I also love to travel in style. Not that it will work every time you travel, it won’t, but every once in a while it does work and you need to know how to act in order to get that coveted seat in the superior cabin.

During my airline days I noticed that there was a very small number of extremely savvy frequent fliers who knew how to upgrade their tickets to first and business class time and time again without spending a fortune.

On overbooked flights these travelers knew how to get "bumped" in return for free travel vouchers and lots of cash. These 'ordinary' folks like you and me managed to learn the ins and outs of the air travel game - the tricks, deals, loopholes and strategies. They are the ones who get to fly in the premium cabins when upgrades are available, for the cost of economy tickets.

These travelers knew how to pay hundreds of dollars less than the uninformed passengers sitting right next to them, who in effect subsidized them.

At the same time, I watched countless others throwing their money away or missing out on hot opportunities just because they didn't know any better. Knowledge is power! Be informed and ahead of all the others: for a fraction of the cost of a single airline ticket, get the guide that reveals what the airlines do not tell you!!!

Since those happy days at the airline I became myself an international very frequent traveler as I live and work on three different continents. I began to put to use what I had learned back then and, inspired by those savvy travelers I so admired, I now am ready to share with you my travel strategies. I haven't held anything back—this guide contains literally everything I know! 

These travel secrets are everything I have learned. They allow me to take advantage of the lowest possible fares that are not even advertised every single time I travel. I then turn around to upgrade those tickets to first or business class and in most cases, not all cases, it works.

If you live in the US and Canada, I will teach you how to rack up tens of thousands of miles, even if you do not fly that much.

If you're excited about travel you can be very active in chasing down miles in order to accumulate a balance of 100,000 or even more in less than a year, and it is possible to achieve this balance year in year out.

Flying and paying with credit cards are two solid ways of accumulating miles regardless of where you live in the world, but there is another way which can get you tens of thousands of miles a year if you live in North America.

A total of 50,000 miles per year can take you to your dream destination once or twice a year, every year. A healthy mileage balance is worth real cash, but only if you know how to use it.


For the value of this bit of information alone it would be
foolish not buy my Travel Guide: you pay a fraction of
the benefit to you for years.




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Never Tell You 2011 Edition"

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How to Get Free Airline Upgrades To First Class Travel Top Secrets

Turn The Odds To Your Favor!

Most travelers dream about getting an operational upgrade to first or business class, at least once.

It is time you turned the odds to your favor. Imagine yourself flying first or business class, pampered by the most attentive cabin crew, sitting next to celebrities and executives, all sipping on their champagne or slipping into the complimentary pajamas provided in first class, tucking in for a good night sleep in a fully reclining flatbed seat. I guarantee you will forever be the envy of all your friends !

When you learn the information in the Travel Guide you will join the growing number of those who already learned how to make the system work for them - how to pay the absolute minimum and fly much more.







If you or your family fly once a year or more, or if you spend more than 200$ a year on air travel, it would be outright foolish not to read this Travel Guide, one of the hottest eBooks available online.

Cracking the Code is now at your fingertips for the price of a few cups of coffee. Even though it has become very hard to get a courtesy upgrade, it is still sometimes possible, but you have to know how to rise to the occasion. Order a copy, don't get left behind!

Be informed and ahead of all the others: for a fraction of the cost of a single airline ticket, get the Travel Guide that reveals what the airlines do not need you to know


By the way, I honestly don't think that the airlines are evil, but when it comes to the ever present tension between the airlines and individual travelers, I side with the travelers because the odds are never to their favor.

Unless they are well informed that is, and that is therefore my mission: informing travelers so that they know their rights and know how to spend their hard earned money wisely on air travel, one of the most costly expenses in most household budgets.

My Travel Guide is a great product and is priced well below its real value to air travelers.


Are You Ready, At Least Once, To Say Goodbye To Those
Sardine Class Seats At The "Back Of The Bus?"

Just take a moment to imagine how it is to fly in the first class cabin: Forget the long lines at check in and the gate. Visit the airline departure lounge, the last word in luxury and hospitality. Be treated to several superb gourmet meals. After landing, get refreshed by taking a shower and a luxury breakfast at the airport arrival lounge.

Once you have mastered the travel secrets and strategies outlined in this Travel Guide, you will increase the chances for getting the upgrade for a dream journey.

Do it right and you can sometimes get business class tickets for the equivalent cost of economy or premium economy.  With a little effort and savvy, you’ll seldom sit next to anyone who paid less than you did.





Learn my tips, tricks, and secrets. My Travel Guide will pay for itself many times over. You are welcome to share it with your friends, relatives and neighbors (but it is copyright protected so please do not sell it) and everybody will thank you. Whatever you do, don't get left behind... You really don't want to spend the rest of your life flying in cattle class.

Order your copy now. This is the ultimate insider Travel Guide on how you can join the jet-set at least once, get bumped to first or business class if an upgrade is available and find rock-bottom low airfares in any class.

If you have made plans to take a holiday or vacation with an expensive flight in any class, please consider not booking any flights until you have read my Travel Guide. 

You really could save a significant amount of money on airfares and you may well end up sitting with your loved one in the business or first class cabin.


Here Is A Rundown Of Some Of
The Chapters In The Travel Guide:

How to upgrade to first and business class.

Strategies for getting the cheapest fares ( out of hundreds of different fares available).

My Flight was canceled or is overbooked: how do I get hundreds of dollars and free tickets, over and over again.

Consolidators and Air Couriers: how to benefit from their world and fly roundtrip to Europe and Asia for close to nothing.

How to buy Standby tickets at a ridiculous fraction of the cost of full-fare prices.

Strategies for getting the cheapest fares ( out of hundreds of different fares available ).

How do I get a stopover for free?

How do I get the best seat in the house?

Mileage programs and two little known secrets to more miles.

How to position yourself in order to get maximum compensation.

Volunteering for overbooked flights: how it works and what the ticket agents hide from you.

How to maximize the value of the meal voucher to 20$ and even 30$!

You are stranded: how to get the best hotel and how to wine and dine at the expense of your air carrier.

What do I do if Im denied boarding?

The New European Commission Regulations: What are my rights when my flight is delayed or cancelled? Compare to the American Standards.

How to get compensation for delayed luggage?

I am ready to write my complaint letter to the air carrier: an effective sample letter that wins every time: learn what and what not to say.

Hello Judith,

Thank you so much for the eBook, it is very detailed and very helpful,  worth every penny, I'm age 64 now and I should have had it years ago instead of being treated like sheep and being too afraid to say anything.

Also thank you for your patience in sending it again you have been more than fair, and being as I'm going to Orlando (1st time to USA ) I shall take note of everything in it.

Kind Regards


Rotherham, South Yorkshire 
United Kingdom

Hi There,

Followed your suggestion and signed up for a lifetime membership as a travel agent (part time) your eBook was very instructive and I have already saved on my first booking.


Boise Idaho , USA


"Claim your copy of What The Airlines
Never Tell You 2011 Edition"

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Insider Secrets To Cheap Car Rentals

cheap car rentalsLearn the secret techniques to save a cash every time you rent a car. You will learn all the scams to avoid, and the insider secrets that will help you get the best deal possible on your rental car.

Learn how to negotiate with the car rental companies and avoid paying all the junk fees they try to throw at you. This guide is invaluable to anyone who needs to rent a vehicle when they travel.


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How To Become A Travel Agent

How to Become a Travel AgentIf you love the world of travel and like traveling it makes sense to become an independent, part-time, home-based, authorized travel agent.

This way you can save money on your own travel and serve as a travel agent to a growing circle of friends or family and earn commissions too.

As a part-time travel agent you are given special deals such as FAM deals: FAM stands for "Familiarization Trip". Travel providers and tourism boards are always looking for ways to generate interest in different types of travel.

Consequently, travel agents are offered deep discounted package deals that are oriented towards educating them about specific destinations, providers and packages so that they may better be able to recommend and sell travel at retail travel prices.

FAM trips are the best travel deals available and are only available to travel agents. This free bonus eBook will tell you the best agency to sign up with, and how to make deep discounted travel happen as a part time, home based travel agent.




Yes Please - I Want To Learn How
To Get Free Upgrades, The Cheapest Fares
And The Most MONEY From Airline
Vouchers And

If you ventured to learn all this valuable knowledge yourself you would probably spend weeks of research. The value of the information in the Travel Guide depends on the frequency of your travel, all for the fair price of 24.95$! If you browse the web yourself looking for all of this information you might be directed to websites with inaccurate and out-of-date information and then again, the most valuable secrets are really not available for free in cyberspace.

This Guide is your opportunity to join the elite, savvy travelers I told you about. At the very least you will learn their tricks and secrets.


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The Travel Guide is useful for all domestic and international travelers. It will be indispensable for any US, Canadian and European air travelers and also very useful for other worldwide flyers from South Africa or Latin America, Asia or the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, you are sure to benefit from the many strategies.

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